We delivery a personalized investment experience that you won’t find with at many firms without a minimum annual fee of tens of thousands of dollars. You can think of us more like an investment counsel. We are always working on your portfolio, using our in depth analytical tools and basic, boots on the ground research.

The guys at RMF really understand the market and I trust them to always have my best interests at heart. I would recommend them to anyone who asked for solid financial investment planning who is looking for tremendous growth.

- Jerry
Chartered Accountant, Vancouver

While poring over press releases and talking to analysts has its place there is no substitute for direct human intelligence gathering. We are constantly vetting companies for opportunities which we then bring to our clients. We have had the good fortune to be part of dozens of private placements that have delivered enormous returns for our customers.

In addition to managing your investment portfolios, we are able to work with you and your accountant to build out tax effective structures that fit you and your business activities. This can involve layered corporations, family trusts, non-profit organizations, foundations and more exotic structures.

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